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Urban Dictionary: Basketball

Hey, , u wanna go play some basketball, wit me, , and ?

Urban Dictionary: Brick

Derived from "thick as a brick." 3 A basketball shot in which the ball bounces off the backboard and/or hits the rim, but does not go though the net.

Urban Dictionary: Stoned

A sure sign of being stoned is when you come up with ideas like an automatic basketball or you decide you can fly and Jesus was a robot.

Urban Dictionary: Sell

Commonly used as the basketball game 2k to "Sell" is to not do good as usual or to throw the game away and do bad.

Urban Dictionary: Chungus

Person 1: Lets play basketball Person 2: Chungus Person 1: Fuck, you win.

Urban Dictionary: jelly

a nice finish in basketball, usually showing much finesse and graceful motion.

Urban Dictionary: Horse

Horse is a slang term for heroin. Man, I was riding that horse last night.

Urban Dictionary: buzz

Example for Definition 5: Son: "Dad, can I go downtown to play basketball with the guys?" Dad: "Sure.

Urban Dictionary: bum

This person is bad at basketball . That bum over their is shrek.

Urban Dictionary: skrt

The term "skrt" is a revolutionary word that represents the sound of rubber wheels when you drift or turn abruptly.