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Baulk-line. When the raider is raiding, he has to cross the baulk-line to valid the raid.If the raider didn’t cross the baulk-line and goes back to his court then the raider is said to be out. Bonus-line. Bonus-line is located between end-line and baulk-line. It helps the raider to take a bonus point for the team. Lobby

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In addition to the midline, the other lines in Kabaddi are: The Baulk lines – a baulk line, parallel to the Midline is placed on each half of the field. The distance between the midline and each baulk line is 13 feet. Bonus Lines – a bonus line, parallel to the Midline and baulk line, is placed on each side, 3 feet (1 meter) from the baulk line.

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In Kabaddi, both a raider and defenders can score points in a number of following ways; When a raider enters in the opponents’ court, crossing the baulk line, touches the defenders and comes back to his court, without being stopped by the defenders. The more defenders touched, the more points are earned.

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The court should be 43 feet (13 m) long and 33 feet (10 m) wide. Place a midline in the center of the field and a parallel baulk line on each side so they're 13 feet (3.75 m) from the midline. Place a parallel bonus line 3 feet (1 m) under each baulk line. Each round of Kabaddi is played in turns and teams alternate between offense and defense.

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The distance of the baulk line from the mid line is 3.75 meter. When Raider comes in touch with the ground between the End line and the Bonus line, he is considered to have crossed the Bonus line. Between the midline and the Bonus line, no portion of his body should come into contact with the surface of the court.

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The dimension of the Kabaddi mat vary for men and women There is a baulk line that is separated from the midline by 3.75 meters in men’s Kabaddi. For a raider’s raid to be eligible for points, it is of utmost necessity that they cross the opponent team’s baulk line and then return back to their half without being tackled.

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The baulk line or the essential limit is a line drawn from the pala post with a radius of 6 metres on each side of the midline forming a D on each side as shown in the diagram. The circle style doesn’t impose any restrictions on weight. The rule says that eight players will be a part of the game with five substitutions allowed per team.