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He became the youngest lottery winner on the International platform and one of India’s biggest lottery winners. He won a massive sum of $30.5 Million that changed the way he thought of life. He used to do two jobs to make ends meet, and by just buying a $4 ticket, his life changed.

5 biggest Lottery winners from India — the lotto life

Sandeep Singh, known as “Sunny,” is one of the youngest Indians to win an overseas lottery. He was working at Best Buy when he bought the ticket that won him an incredible $30.5 Million. Sunny had always believed he would eventually win big as he played the lottery regularly. His family never believed him, but they were proven wrong. Balraj Awasthi

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The sale and purchase of lottery tickets in India are subject to gambling regulations. Barring some Indian states, it is deemed illegal for the country’s people to participate in lottery games, thus, compelling interested people to turn to international lotteries to try their luck.

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Yes, the doctor duo Ashok Patel and Kirti Patel have won the PlayWin SuperLotto Jackpot in 2018. They have been penned as one of the biggest 3 Indian lottery winners with such staggering winning amounts. They never gave lottery winning any thought, clearly indifferent to the lottery world.

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Answered April 16, 2021. The biggest lottery in India would be kerala lottery the upcoming Vishu bumper is of first prize 10cr. There are also daily tickets. We are running a club for people interested in buying kerala lotteries can share the details if you are interested. 383 views.

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Lottoland. Lottoland is the biggest lottery site in the world and has paid out more than Rs. 7600 crore in prizes to players all over the world. They ... LottoSmile. Lotto 247.

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Lotto India. Lotto India is a National Lottery available to play across India and from locations around the world. It is an online lottery for Indian people everywhere, offering the opportunity to win jackpots of at least ₹4 Crore – larger than some state lotteries - along with three extra tiers of great prizes and the Free Bet Bonus for matching just the Joker Ball.

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Which are the best lotteries in India? Join a reputed site such as Lottoland. Make sure Gaming Commissions of different countries regulate the site. Non-regulated sites may cheat you of your winning prize. You will have to choose a credit package to start playing. Learn about the different ...